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Kazmunaiservices & Contracting LLP.

ALMATY, 3A, Baishev Street, Republic of Kazakhstan, Tel - +7(727) 3974526, 3974581

Genchi Global Ltd

Genchi Global Limited, P.O Box 44624, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Genchi India Pvt Ltd

Genchi India Pvt. Ltd., Ground Floor, Tek Tower, No.11, Rajiv Gandhi Salai (OMR), Thoraippakam, Chennai – 600 097.

Genchi Global Ltd

Kazmunai Group Pte Ltd, 12-01, 112 Robinson road, Singapore 068902

Genchi Global Ltd

Rua Beijo da Mulata, 98, 2nd Floor, Sun Square Building Sommerschield 2, Maputo, Republic of Mozambique